Project421 was created to inspire Americans to have a healthy distrust of their representatives and public officials.

The framers provided guidance on how the government should operate, and integral to that operation was a check provided by the political power of 4th Article citizens.

Over the course of more than a few generations, the ideas, concepts and methods by which citizens maintained their status has been eroded by an impressive effort to educate people about US citizenship, and to the extent possible, removing from the public conciousness, what it means to be a state citizen pursuant to Article IV of the Constitution.

Citizenship in the USA is a very personal choice, it is ultimately up to you what form of citizenship you feel is most advantageous to you and your family. Our goal is to inspire you to research state citizenship and learn how to distinguish it from federal citizenship, then if you want to make a political change from federal to state citizenship, you have a solid foundation from which to do so.

Project421 is a passion project, if you feel it is valuable please consider helping out with financial support.